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The Alaska Outlaw production team is always looking for excited individuals who have the gift of communicating to others either by writing articles to engage the audience, are diligent enough to sort through the tons of misinformation researching topics obtaining the truth, or maybe are brave enough to be an on-air personality. Our show, the Chaotic Navigator displays our deep-seated desire to Inform and educate the general population in the skills, resources, and mental preparedness to remain safe and secure during natural and man-made disasters. Our message provides the fundamentals for remaining safe, healthy, and secure, particularly in these modern-day crazy times we live in.

The Chaotic Navigation podcast is produced weekly 52 times a year, and so we are always researching content and writing shows to be delivered by our on-air personalities. Each episode looks at a different aspect of surviving natural and man-made disasters for the common citizen (with or without former military or first responder training). Each show is approximately 45 minutes long with 3 segments and an introduction section. Written articles submitted should be no less than six (6) pages, about 15,000 - 20,000 words, without any attached images.

Our topics include any aspect to assist our fellow community members in remaining safe, secure, and prepared. Take a look through our previous titles to get some ideas as to what you may be able to offer our team. Ultimately, the idea of the articles, and the show, is to inform and educate as to the necessary critical thinking the community members need to be prepared

Entire articles are posted on the Chaotic Navigation website and announced throughout our social media outlets. Article authors are given the byline "shout-out" during the podcast production, and content is registered to Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC, however, byline credit is offered anywhere links or information is displayed. Authors do retain the rights to publish the information elsewhere, however, Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC retains the rights to publish the work through its own channels.

Authors are always encouraged to join the production by logging on and joining the production recording, thereby increasing their exposure as a researcher and writers. Great opportunity for individuals who are thinking about writing or journalism as a career option.


Think you're ready? Think you want to use your talents to help your community members?

Drop us a line (below), and we'll get together and come up with a plan.

Article Submission

Writing with the Outlaws is not an easy task, however, as you know when the passion to convey ideas hits, there may be no stopping the flow of data from our brains to our fingers. Here are some guidelines to write an article or script suggestion. We will say that all articles will be reviewed for their proper alignment to our podcast script format. First, and foremost, to clear the "elephant from the room", all submitted articles will be provided in either: Microsoft© Word®™, or Adobe© PDF®™ format in the English language. All submitted work is evaluated by our team of experts who, not only check the content for grammatical and spelling issues but will also perform fact-checking and additional research on your topic submitted to ensure clarity for our listeners/readers.

Article Guidelines:

The submitted article must have an introduction to the issue that the information provided solves or addresses. The article will be constructed in a typical newspaper type of formatting, if you are not familiar with the idea of the "upside-down triangle" style of writing, please research the format prior to submitting the article for review. The use of specific technical terms, or acronyms must include the definition somewhere within the submission.

The article will be the author's original work, and not contain any previously published work. The submitted article may contain links for other materials, however, Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC is not responsible for maintaining the links. Copyrights and registered trademarks identified within the submitted article will have attention drawn to them by identifying these using the appropriate characters. The published work may be produced using a "pen name", however, Alaska Outlaw Productions will maintain a record of the full legal name of the submitting author.

Podcast Script Formation

The article material will be divided into three (3) segments and will be written in "layman's" terms so as to be read on-air. Words with intricate pronunciations will be defined within the article somewhere to allow for proper on-air pronounciation.

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