What can we offer?


This is what we do. Whether it's SMS centralized communications, radio, email, or phone, we've even got our smoke signals in generally good order. We can manage a centralized web interface that allows for a clear and concise understanding of the current situations. Clear and concise communication is what we can bring to the table of emergency management.


With decades of experience in managing a multitude of teams following a natural disaster, our host, and many of our teammates know how to coordinate with many different levels of organizations. Whether dealing with local authorities, or volunteer teams, we know how to get the right resources to the right place, at the right time... Safely.

Able Bodies

With several abled-body men and women who wish to support their communities in any way possible, we offer trained individuals in the skillsets required to manage and man a local or large-scale disaster.

Trained Personnel

With many years spent in many different arenas of emergency management and disaster recovery, our team is educated and trained in a variety of skills. Whether it be first-aid, transportation, logistics, construction evaluation, search and rescue, underwater operations, survival skills, and certainly any type of communications, we have the experience to provide assistance, as well as public speaking to get the word out.