The Right Direction.

Hey all, Alaska Outlaw here, just want to advise you all about a GREAT movie I just watched, and want to STRONGLY encourage you all to do the same. The movie “The Social Dilemma”. While the movie is phenomenal, the message it provides is even better! As I’ve been saying whenever I’m on my “mission against the media”, about social media bringing about most of societies issues right now, the AI (artificial intelligence) that drives it has begun to make associations that it (AI) assumes is right, essentially forcefully dividing us as a nation, and as a global society. We (the human race) need to come together and stop this division. While its not “the Terminator series”, it can cause the same amount of damage to our society.

Even though many may suspect that it is a conspiracy, the facts are that this AI is attempting to classify the global community into distinct, separate groups, and by doing so, creating marked division within our peoples. I ask that you watch the entire movie and tell me what you think (drop me an email)! The movie and information about the reasoning can be found at Do it for you, then do it for family and friends.


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