The blind leading the blind. Technology and misinformation.

Podcast episode 031622

The blind leading the blind. Technology and misinformation.

Alrighty then, we’re back for another exciting adventure here on the Chaotic Navigator podcast. I am the Alaska Outlaw and today I hope to be your guide as we shoot the shit about the all the bullshit that spreads around the globe in an instant. Keeping a constant stream of interpretations flowing across the world instantaneous. We have talked hundreds of times about this “twitter view” of events happening in all four corners of our globe that limits our depth of knowledge to 140 characters. We’ve talked about an information data set that is either for us, by providing us an honest, unedited view of the event. Or against us as we discussed the opposite side of the coin where the hidden agenda of the production agent creates a narrative that aligns to their position.

Before we get after it today, I’d like to make sure that, for those of you who seek peace and harmony, or help in making sense of life, be sure to check out the Alaskan Ulfhednar podcast at After 30 years of spiritual searching and discovery, I have arrived home. Check out my theories of finding peace and harmony, with a true understanding of co-existence and universal love. Some great stuff for you there. 

Each week we look at a different facet of what being prepared looks like in the real world of everyday. It is absolutely awesome to be back with you guys here for another adventure of discovery and obtaining the super power of common sense. Today I want to put a new lens on the old eyeballs and look at the topics with a different perspective.

Today’s episode we are going to break about the “misinformation highway” to determine how we can combat this powerful tool of those who would rather see us struggle. We need to seriously consider the motive of the person providing the information, as well as the direction the information is providing. Today i want to break down the different avenues, and talk about their evil plan bwa ha-ha-ha. Ultimately the perpetuation of misinformation comes down to accountability. No one wants to be accountable for the things they say, even I, am protected by the first amendment and can use it when some may say I crossed some imaginary line.

Segment 1, we’ll talk about old Skool. Many of these are the “good guys” using a rare technique called “fact checking”. Now, I won’t speak for all of them, but many deploy this technique. 

  • Newspaper and printed media
    • Some might say these have been severely limited. Killed off by social “not-news” media.
  • Television

Segment 2, we’ll talk new skool. These really are the “johnny come lately” with the information transfer.

  • The internet
  • Social media
    • “The Social Delimma”

Segment 3, lets consider the motives. Here we are going to discuss the psychology behind the marketing.  What is the motive? What could they possibly be trying to do by providing misinformation.

  • Separation, segregation, and division
    • Evolution of marketing strategies
  • Regrouping society

As always my friends, I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to spend this time listening to me. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you. Being prepared provides each of us with the confidence for successful survival. We mentioned before, and will certainly say again, that survival is a 90% mental task, but that 10% of physical resources is critically important.. By having a confidence and discipline, we can and will survive. Remember to be strong, be safe, and keep your head on a swivel… Peace 

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