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Podcast episode 091521

Published on September 15th, 2021

In this episode we’ll discuss some of the advances made in technology that can be incredibly benefit. Primarily I want to discuss the alternative fuel options that have brought to us by these advances in technology. As my day job works exclusively with the deployment, management, and enhancement of technology within an organization here in Anchorage, I’ve come to recognize the real value of technology with being, and staying prepared.

Mailbag Q/A

Bonnie from New Mexico asks “you almost never mention using technology for survival. Why?”

Steve from Montana asks “if you have a good generator, technology should be a good source of data. Right?”

Mindy from Florida asks “what pieces of technology belong in our preps?”

Jacob from Nevada asks “technology doesn’t really belong in survival. Does it?”

Finally Jenny asks “How much technology do I need?”

Those are some great points, so let’s talk about the technology that we should consider ensuring we have in our preps.

Greetings to all my friends (both new and old), to my wonderful family, my fellow Alaskans, and my fellow Americans, wherever you are. Welcome to the Alaska Outlaw podcast, I am the Alaska Outlaw, thank you so much for joining me today. In this episode I’d like to talk about necessary technologies to ensure our continued success during a survival event.

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As part of the technology arena for over 25+ years, I’ve seen, and worked with most (if not all) the different verticals of technology implementation. So, primarily I’ve worked with computing technologies, I’ve spent quite a large amount of time in telecommunications down to the establishments of cellular tower sites, as well as terrestrial earth-stations for satellite communications and data transfers. During this time the explosion of solar power units to power remote site brought many communication technologies to the vast remoteness of Alaska. This understanding and deployment of these alternate power sources for the use of technologies has led me to re-think some of the basic technologies I include in my personal home preps that I think could benefit many who are considering how to use technology during a disaster situation.

In show’s past we’ve talked about some of the power generation technology that is becoming much more affordable, and more portable. This has moved it from an unknown piece, to a potential required piece of equipment to include in our preps.

Let’s talk about some general needs first. Depending on the disaster we’re dealing with, we could be considering Global Positioning, or communications channels. Whether we’re breaking down the communications as cellular, or some type of radio signal, all-in-all we need to consider, not only the technology itself, but the means to support it. So, primarily I’m thinking of four major areas that we may want to utilize technology if we’re home when disaster strikes.

  1. Lighting technology
  2. Temperature control technologies
  3. Communications technologies
  4. Medical needs technologies.

No, if we’re away from our residence, then possibly

  1. Global positioning or navigation
  2. Transportation

Now we’re going to cover each of these technologies, and just as importantly, some ideas as to how to include them in your preps.

Identify technologies by including the backup resources necessary.

Let’s discuss the additional resources necessary for each of the technologies, right down to remembering a couple sets of batteries for the old trusty flashlights. This is really where the rubber meets the road for deploying some level of technology following any type natural or man-made disaster. Now, we can include many different types of technologies here, whether we discuss weapon systems, transportation systems, food preparation technologies, or even food storage technologies can all be included in this section. But for the sake of brevity I’d like to focus our use of technology to the four major areas identified above.

Let’s talk momentarily about lighting technology, now ask yourself how far are we looking back? If we go back to the beginning, we can consider fires, candles, and oil lamps, all of which require little resources to maintain. However, in a more practical sense, let’s discuss flashlights and lanterns powered by batteries or other sources. Let’s consider the necessity or rechargeable batteries and/or solar panels to recharge the batteries. Mirrors and other types of safe lighting can be instituted to assist with the needs here, however may be dependent on the sun for the benefit to be realized.

Next on the list will be temperature control, talking about heating and cooling systems. Let’s think about the many ways we can provide this without electricity, or open fire. Obviously within the confines of a residence, open fire is not a viable option. So, let’s talk about considering the chemical solution, or abundant cloth solutions (ie blankets or polar fleece, etc). In addition, obviously body contact with snuggle buddies and particularly pets, is a great opportunity for warmth. Fluids with a slight breeze is a great option for cooling, as is a manual fanning technique.

Communications technology

Medical needs technology

Discuss deployment of technologies

As always my friends, I am honored and humbled that you have chosen to spend this time listening to me. I deeply appreciate each and every one of you. Being prepared provides each of us with the confidence for successful survival. We mentioned before, and will certainly say again, that survival is a 90% mental task, but that 10% of physical resources is critically important.. By having a confidence and discipline, we can and will survive. Remember to be strong, be safe, and keep your head on a swivel… Peace.

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