Speaking about the evil of the human condition.

Podcast episode 022421
Published on February 24th, 2021

In case after case, many of us are appalled by the evil things that humans can do to each other. Many will seek solace in their deity, or the comfort of others in an attempt to come to terms as to what they witnessed. As the earth has spun us around to modern day we find an overwhelmed justice system that has sent a message to all the “would-be” murderers that there is a fairly good chance that you might get a lighter sentence if you can give information on a bigger fish for the law enforcement community. This has had a negative impact on the bravado that these lower classed spirits can build in their intended victim to bring this type of violence to reality. Many of these assassins then turn their weapon of choice on themselves in a quest to avoid being held accountable for their actions. The spirit claims another notch, while other lives are extinguished for no reason. But, sorry to say, there was a reason. The reason is that the shooter, or killer, allowed themselves to be conquered by the spirits of death and destruction. Of all the people I’ve interviewed, they have fallen into one of three  categories:

  1. Those who ignore it, and hopes it goes away.
  2. Those who are appalled by it, but feel helpless to change it.
  3. Those who are angered by it, and seek to eradicate it.

Greetings my friends, family, fellow Alaskans, and fellow Americans wherever you are. I hope this podcast finds you healthy, and strong during these uncertain times of the new year. Welcome the the Alaska Outlaw podcast, I am the Alaska Outlaw, and today I hope to be your guide on a journey to understand the evil spirits throughout the world. We hear about it every day on the news, and can read about it event after event in the history books.

In an effort to understand this topic, we first need to work at Defining Evil. Because as many will attest, there are many different levels of what we refer to as evil, from the naughty to the monstrous, it comes in many different forms.

So based on the definition, let’s put the rubber on the road about our defined levels of evil.

  • Petty crimes and white lies. This is the gateway the the rest, but at this point I can say that the majority of human beings find themselves in.
  • The rough stuff. Here is the majority of crimes. However these may include crimes against others, and incarceration time. In some cases this level of criminal can be turned back away from this direction.
  • The end of the line. This level of evil holds no value for human life. They have no morals, and are without fear of repercussions. Now, I will add that there are really to levels to this.
    • Individuals who feel they have no other recourse, or feel trapped.
    • Individuals who have embraced the hate and anger, and are desperate for some level of control.

The primary issue is the slippery slope that many stand on when entering into the darkness that surround the lack of moral ground. Herein lies a very similar scenario to telling lies. One typically has to tell another one to get out of the previous one, and so the cycle continues until even the origin can’t tell what’s real anymore. Crime is very similar in that after committing the first “low-end” crime and getting away with it, humans have a tendency to continue to push the envelope a little more each time. As the perpetrator escapes justice, they become emboldened to repeat the activity. Once they are caught, more often than not, for first time offenders, they are highly remorseful. Typically in life long criminals, this is the tipping point. They can either go straight and not travel the path, or they can get right back after it as soon as law enforcement turns its head.

The most serious level to crime is the termination of life. For those that have never experienced this, even if there is the conviction that it was justified, is the emotional wave that overwhelms the individual. In most cases, the human body becomes nauseous, and the whole situation becomes surreal. Some may become woozy and unbalanced. Many times they have reported having an emotional numbness following a life ending event. Between the trauma involved to get to that point, and the actual deed, will be severed into the psyche of the victor forever. Many serial killers have reported remembering in detail, their first killing.

The caveat to everything I’ve said above are what I call the “Zealots”, or serial criminals. This group has no boundary as to what it’s willing to do, or to whom. The frightening aspect to this group is that they think what they’re doing is right. A lot of people have asked me if this group includes those mass shooters throughout the last several decades here in the US. Yes, and no. Yes, those mass shooters typically plan to shoot only one, but get carried away by the feeling of power and control one has during an event of that magnitude. In many of these cases those shooters are destined for self termination as well, so the concept of zealot definitely applies.

Our summarized history of evil will draw upon 

Hitler & Stalin, not to mention Japanese leadership.

Branch Davidian & Jonestown Massacre

Ed Gein, Jame Gumb, Jerry Brundo, Ed Bundy, as well as other serial killers.

Columbine, DC Snipers, Mass Shootings

Rodney King, George Floyd and many others.

Several attempts, and several successes on assassinating Presidents of the US.

Evil is really not a foreign thought base, it really isn’t. Each of us possess the ability to perform evil acts, but it is our manifested value of right and wrong that keeps the seriously evil things in check. I personally believe that there is also a substantial amount of thrill that these people seek, yet in most consequences do not want to be held accountable. They seek control and domination, they desperately want to seem more powerful, if only for a moment.

Some say, this evil is necessary to retain the balance of the earth, a form of natural selection of sort. So let’s take a minute to discuss this in depth. Why do people do evil things? Well, I mentioned before about the levels of criminal behavior, and briefly covered where some may become convinced they have no option, but to engage in criminal activity. However, the engaging of criminal activity usually boils down to several conditions:

  • Petty crimes usually comes down to desperation. When people don’t have the fiscal means to afford things. Many times this is the driving reason for shoplifting, and petty theft. This also includes opportunistic crime.
  • Many of the higher, more violent crimes boils down to control. Many of these individuals are either: A) having to prove something to someone (gang violence), or B) they seek some control over others. These would include assault, domestic violence, rape, and ultimately murder.
  • Some crimes boil down to making someone else pay for their perceived slight by their conditions. Retaliation is a very frequent reasoning used by criminals, as if that will absolve them of the crime they have committed

Understanding the psychology of evil thoughts. There are mechanisms within our mind, and our body to provide momentary stoppages between thinking about, and acting upon these thoughts of doing harm, or damage. Most humans are about to utilize these restraints to prevent themselves from stepping onto the slope of evil. Others seem to ignore them and thrust themselves forward. One might say that this “break” in our minds was really subdued substantially at the end of the Vietnam war. An innocence within the American mind was removed, I suspect partially caused by the images that flashed across the television set every night as news of the war was sent home. It was horrific. The men and women who served in the military at the time were subjected to scenes of violence that even the best in Hollywood would struggle to match. The men and women who came home, brought with them, tortured minds and visions that they can never remove. But I think there was a change back on US soil too. I think the overwhelming sense of lent up government distrust, and images brought by the news, decimated what remaining innocence this country had by that time. There is, however, hope. However, as we can learn to harness our inner peace, we can model this behavior for those who struggle.

Balance of Power, the Chinese explained it as Zen, where there existed a balance between good and evil. Ultimately my friends the choice remains in our hands as to which banner we will guide our life with. We make choices everyday to experience a life where evil is quelled by the good. We can do it.

As always thank you for allowing me to pass along my thoughts about the evil, and hopefully give each of us hope that our actions matter. Everyday we have an opportunity to provide a model for those who may never have had a model before. Tonight, before I sign off, I want to give a shout out to peace and coexistence, AKPhoenix.com, be sure to check it out to help you obtain a balance in your live and learn to create your own peace. Thank you so much, and remember to stay safe out there, keep your head on a swivel, and be true to who you are… Peace.

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