Reality 101. The realism of surviving a natural disaster.

Podcast episode 081022

Published August 10th, 2022

Alrighty then, we’re back for another exciting adventure here on the Chaotic Navigator podcast. I am Murphy Ganz, the Alaska Outlaw and today I’d like to talk about those first couple of days following a natural disaster. I want to talk about the matrix we used, but just as importantly, I want to call out those things we need to know the first couple of hours after the disaster strikes.

Before we get after it today, I’d like to make sure that, for those of you who need peace and harmony, or help in making sense of life, be sure to check out the Alaskan Ulfhednar podcast at After 30 years of spiritual searching and discovery, he has arrived home. Check out his theories of finding peace and harmony, with a true understanding of co-existence and universal love. Some great stuff for you there. 

Each week we look at a different facet of what being prepared looks like in the real world of everyday. It is absolutely awesome to be back with you guys here for another adventure of discovery and obtaining the super power of common sense. Today I want to put a new lens on the old eyeballs and look at the topics with a different perspective.

We keep talking about the disaster, and every Tom, Dick, and Harry want to sell us a survival kit that will get us through. This is the wrong direction and so I think its time we had a discussion about the driving energy behind the requests to know those first steps that we get all the time here at the Chaotic Navigator.

Segment 1.- In the first segment we’re going to discuss that first day. Arranging your thoughts and resources in a manner consistent with using them. We’ll talk about immediate assessments, and bracing for the second shoe falling in those dual events.

  • Placement of resources giving us the best opportunity to get to them given our priorities.
  • How does one steel themselves when the world is collapsing around you? All the time.

Segment 2. - in the second segment we’ll get in and discuss moving through the fear into the second day. How exciting the dawn will be after spending a terrifying night.

  • Because most humans are inexperienced with a life void of city glow, the night may be the darkest they have ever witnessed.
  • We’ll talk about the mindset necessary to survive. Taking a page from the history books, let’s talk about the overnight hours.

Segment 3 - Finally, id like to talk about the things that we can be prepared for ahead of time by considering the resources we’ll need, and where they should be to be most advantageous during those early moments.

  • Staging, we’ve talked about this before, but now add in the complexity of a natural or man-made disaster, and where are those bins we stored? 
  • What will we need to get our head in the game when it comes to getting those panicked around us through this.

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