Outlaw Thoughts – What exactly is society?

Podcast Episode 092320

Hey all, and welcome to this week’s show. I continue my hopes that you all are staying safe, not really from the “pandemic” anymore, but more about the Democratic Party undermining of our society here in the US using their tools of destruction and hate, causing societal division and mistrust. Whether you are part of the dump truck people, or just trying to remain ignorant, either way, you can’t help hearing about the ridiculous behavior from the idiots of BLM and others as they ravage cities across the country, destroying businesses and lives as they go. I hope that you see this for what it is. The BLM protests are no longer about equality, it’s about an elite group of puppet masters attempting to shatter society as a whole by causing segregation and distrust. That’s it. Nothing more. A couple of podcasts ago, I mentioned the agitators and opportunistic criminals who evoke the mob mentality of the protestors in an attempt to screw the rest of the country by stealing merchandise, that then drives the prices that you and I pay at the register. However, I have seen and understand that there has been systemic racial profiling that has happened throughout American business for decades, but, in much the same way others have, there are specific ways to make it happen positively. There are ways to climb above the chatter of humankind failures that litter our streets right now in this country, to lift oneself above the doubt and uncertainty and succeed, regardless of where you started. Violence and property destruction is not even close to being one of the paths to success. So, for those of you who support ANY level of violence here in the US, except in self-defense, you are classified as morons and need to be eliminated. For those who want to just bring anarchy for the “fun” of it, and don’t even understand the underlying doctrine, screw you, you piece of garbage. You are not only destroying your own communities but everything your parents worked for, everything your ancestors worked hard for, you are simply what’s wrong with this country. Like a disease, we the American people just need to drop a deuce and be rid of you.

The constant whine of being underprivileged and under-appreciated is blown way out of proportion. I’ve heard tons of people mention reparations for slavery. Are you stupid? There have been just as many whites, and Hispanics, as there have been blacks taken into slavery, and don’t even get me started about children into the sex trade. I can say without a moments reservation that (as a nation) we can count the individuals who are alive today, and were personally involved in the southern US slavery on one hand, and none of the 100% of people protesting today have any idea what it means to be within the real constraints of slavery. For clarity here, I’m not against policies to give men and women equal rights, but at no point in my thinking does the color of one’s skin matter at all, it is only the content of their character. If you act like an idiot, I’ll treat you like an idiot. If you are personable and likable, I’ll treat you like a friend. Those of you causing violence, and destroying personal property, you are the textbook definition of a moron.

Speaking of definitions, let’s talk about this thing we call society. In typical fashion, I always refer to the Merriam-Webster dictionary for a proper definition of what it really means.

Definition of society (Entry 1 of 2)

1: companionship or association with one’s fellows : friendly or intimate intercourse : COMPANY

2: a voluntary association of individuals for common ends especially : an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession

3a: an enduring and cooperating social group whose members have developed organized patterns of relationships through interaction with one another

b: a community, nation, or broad grouping of people having common traditions, institutions, and collective activities and interests

4a: a part of a community that is a unit distinguishable by particular aims or standards of living or conduct : a social circle or a group of social circles having a clearly marked identity literary society

b: a part of the community that sets itself apart as a leisure class and that regards itself as the arbiter of fashion and manners

5a: a natural group of plants usually of a single species or habit within an association

b: the progeny of a pair of insects when constituting a social unit (such as a hive of bees)

broadly : an interdependent system of organisms or biological units

society adjective

Definition of society (Entry 2 of 2)

: of, relating to, or typical of fashionable society

While having the dictionary definition of the word “society” does provide a level of the overall context, what exactly does it mean for average folks like us? What is society?

What is society? Of course, all I can offer is my interpretation of what I think the original concept of what formed society was/is. To explore the creation of society we have to go WAY BACK in humankind’s evolution from whatever the missing link is. As humans became more bipedal and began the transition to the anatomical modern human (AMH) of today, they found the landscape of that time a little challenging, to say the least. While the dinosaurs had left the earth a couple of millennia before, there wasn’t a shortage of predators, and the ice age didn’t help much either. So, when one small group (or family) would locate and establish a secure residence, others might barter with them to be included in the security of that residence. This created larger hunting parties, and breeding stock pools at which to feed and grow the group. The new, larger group would share the collective resources, as well as the necessary work to maintain the health and safety of the whole group. As time marched on, these groups evolved, and the groups got larger and larger. I believe (my opinion only here, counter to most anthropological studies) was once these groups got either large enough or became more infirm (wounded or sick), the hunter/gatherer mentality began to fade away. Replaced with the drive to establish settlements or “villages” as we know them today. This created agriculture and shepherd based subsistence where the group functioned together towards survival tasks. Flash forward a couple of thousand years and the same mentality has most modern humans living in the urban jungle in-lieu of huts and wilderness, or rural settings. The settlements fulfilled our basic need to seek out others for social interaction.

Now, since those early days, there were those individual people who wanted things to go “their” way, and those people became politicians, while the rest of us just joined this group for safety, and a societal relief from some of the tasks that were required, primarily security of the group as a whole. Within these larger groups formed small “factions” that held to their original beliefs from wherever they came from, or that pleased them. Many of them continued to practice these older ways, and it became their traditions or culture. Some things were passed around through the larger group such as religion, or food preparation, or tips to grow corn, as well as some of these cultural practices like fishing, or sailing the open sea. These were the benefits, as well as social interaction that drove these “societies” to continue their growth. Now, alongside the benefits comes the implantation of those who didn’t “choose” these particular societies. Whether it was created by global trade, global conflict, slave trade, or employment opportunities, even escaping the wrath of a new mother-in-law. People traveled outside of their own society and arrived at another location where they lost the ability to travel further, leaving them “stuck” in this new society. Back in history, these stranded individuals had essentially two choices: assimilate, or be assimilated. Throughout the Middle Ages, we find individuals who embraced the protection of the local Lords or Kings to ensure their own protection.

Being part of society meant that everyone agrees to the rules (or laws) that were enforced by that community. In some cases. Eventually, within the feudal system, individuals could petition the Lord/King to enforce a rule or law differently. This was how things operated for millennia, and it was fine. Outsiders or troublemakers were handled by the locals, and punishment could be draconian.

Time marched on, and soon we began to employ soldiers, mercenaries, and security to ensure the settlements remained peaceful and in-tact. Most, during these times, were satisfied to be fed, and alive. The fact that they couldn’t get the latest iPhone was not really on the underprivileged list. Family members dying of starvation was their major focus to avoid. Arriving in today, we find a continent covered with these “settlements” let us consider how our community interfaces with other communities both: larger and smaller.

Defined In context to larger communities. So when we start comparing a collection of communities into society, those monikers are really used to determine the scope from the descriptors’ perspective. So, in my little bubble of things, the definition of society would probably include the State of Alaska, with Anchorage being a collection of small factions within the city limits, drawing down to my neighborhood here in Southeast Anchorage. From a global perspective, society encompasses humankind as a whole, this typically defines the separation between wilderness or rural areas, and urban or city living. Here in Alaska, there is typically not much distance between wilderness and society. But none-the-less the separation exists and is defined. Then it is divided up by individual communities, which are then further divided into smaller and smaller groups until you arrive at the individual family level. Within each community exists cultural differences that are either: agreed to, or disagreed with, by other members of that community. Certain cultural traditions are celebrated, or not, depending on where the individual falls on the belief system.

With a clear understanding of how communities interface with each other, what exactly causes these displacement cases, what does this look like in the real world?

Real-world situations. Many people find themselves dislocated for a multitude of modern reasons, much like the early traders who would set off to trade goods at one location on to many others, and find themselves stranded in one of their trading spots. Whether by love or finances, they would wind up settling down in the new location, bringing with them the ideas and traditions from their former homes. This mixing is what has made America the shining beacon it is. By allowing the “huddled masses” to migrate to our land and retain this individuality. As the “American dream” came to fruition, let’s talk about how people get displaced.

  • Job – this has become increasingly popular as an underlying reason for relocation. However, it creates the same scenario as all the others. In addition, depending on how disgruntled the individual is about the reason for a job relocation, you might have an individual who has a need for society undermining.
  • Family – with the school/job or natural displacement of individuals, sometimes family members follow behind taken up residence at the new location.
  • School – many young adults sets off to the college of their dream, and by the completion of the education, they can get “stuck” at the nearby towns because of love or finances. Just like the traders of old.
  • Survival – in this modern-day time of natural disasters, we quite frequently find displaced survivors seeking to reestablish their lives again in this new place. This has happened all too often in these days of tribulation.

As we’ve talked about before the differential between society and. Immunities are really the perspective at which one views them in contrast to each other. How do we connect individual communities to the society around them?

Connecting communities to societies

Again, going back to our perspective, with the rise of the global business model, the world has become another community. Unless there is a family connection, typically the only connection outside our community bubble is this new fan dangled thing called the internet. The internet has brought all types of people together, for a multitude of reasons. These connections allows for the disenfranchised to be pumped full with internet bullshit. For the first time in the history of humankind are humans no longer bound by community borders? This single fact has let loose those who perceive to have been left behind to be included in the “inclusion ranks”, thereby feeling like a part of something. Many needing something to hate, something to be against, the internet will happily provide them one.  In many cases, not even aware of what they are being suckered into. Cults and bullshit movements prey on those idealistic youths needing something to believe in, creating armies of young people filled with rage, because they have no real purpose, or certainly feel that way.

So, we’ve talked about many of the ways that societies are sabotaged from within. Throughout history, we have seen different societies crumble, and have seen a multitude of reasons for their failure. In many cases, we watched as inner cities fell into disarray leaving itself prime for the deterioration of the surrounding communities. What causes this disruption, and although some are caused by factory relocations or other economic factors, sometimes this is caused by purposeful manipulation of the society.

Manipulation of societies

When looking at the manipulation of society, one needs to look at the forces that will break it. Whereas our ancestors sought reasons to come together, many groups of the common era seek ways to separate the peoples. Look at the real mission of the BLM, Aryan nation, as well as other groups that are attempting to force the segregation of peoples with violence and hate. Differentiating between the mission of equality versus the mission of superiority. In much the same way that the original Nazi party, the KKK, and other hate groups recruited and fostered their hateful ideology, today BLM and Antifa and others attempt to rekindle that hate. In many towns throughout our nation, this has become the norm. Using the internet to recruit, train, and offer opportunities (outside their own home town) in their missions to upset and defile the streets of the US. With the usage of reverse racism as a tool to separate people, and cause mistrust of others based on perceptions, which they help build. These lies and misrepresentations spread across the new social media platform in an instant to millions of viewers. Typically these groups target the disenfranchised throughout the country to embrace the hate and encourage lashing out against “the system” which technically means the businesses and local governments.

Now, we have covered many things tearing our society apart, let’s look at what we should do to help our communities and society as whole.

Our part as being part of society.

This section looks at our part of the equation as being part of a society, or community. Here’s the thing, U-Haul is an awesome platform to reconnect with the community of your choice, that which matches your bespeak belief system. When in doubt, try California, they are pretty accepting there, well, unless you’re a red-blooded American conservative. Our part of our individual society is to perform our civic duties with honor and pleasure.  Imply with the census, pay taxes, and VOTE!! You and your neighbors dictate the forward direction of your community when y’all get yer ass out there and vote. Get involved in the process, help negotiate the bills that move through your legislature. Work to compromise with the opponents and reach an agreement on how to move forward AS A GROUP!

Let’s take a minute to talk about where I think the undermining of society is causing a breakdown in society as a whole.

Where the breakdown is occurring in society today?

I think that the single largest issue facing Americans today is the whole idea behind living in this “Global” society of the Internet. Because different communities have different values and different challenges, the blending of these in the blender of the Internet has caused substantial confusion and misunderstanding. I would be willing to submit (for the record), that 85% of broadcasted information on the Internet is confusion, lies, and misunderstandings of those who pass it on. Particularly when you have third parties trying to interpret value systems from other cultures. This is followed closely by the idea of a generation of “ME”. Society is passing the tipping point of individuals who are more interested in what society can do for them than they are about what they can do to help their society. With the previous breakdown of the family unit, we are witnessing those single-parent kids come of age and are angry. Their misdirected rage spills out in the form of violence and hates speech, they become ripe targets for the groups manipulating, and undermining the idea of society. I have found that the early model of getting temporary help from the local government has been replaced by career financial assistance individuals who abuse the system to the point of breakage. They are more interested in hand-outs, and not the hand up. It is glaringly apparent that some Americans want the benefits of putting in 40 hour work weeks, without actually putting in the 40 hours. The willingness for people to live at their parents’ home for longer into adulthood, while retaliating against a perceived enemy, while used to be an insulting joke, now it has become more acceptable.

Finally, we talk about some solutions throughout today’s show, I just want to take a minute to recap what I think are some low-hanging fruit fixes for our individual communities.

My two cents to fixing our society. Turn off the news, unplug social media. Shut off the tap of public assistance for individuals not willing to seek out a job. Now, this doesn’t include those who physically can’t work or those who are staying home with small children. However, honestly, there is a HUGE market for people to work from home, that could assist their communities as a whole. There are also tons of infrastructure projects that could be handled by these idiots parked behind a keyboard in their parent’s basement. Instead of whining about society, they could try to be a part of it by making it better, and not tearing it down.

Guys, I really want to repeat how proud I am to be here with you today talking about the things we all need to know to ensure our safety. I hope that you will continue to follow me and allow me to continue to inform and educate. BIG SHOUT OUT to all the health care workers, and the teachers, throughout the world right now, please stay safe and remember to stay true to who you are, we will get through this together. Peace.