Outlaw thoughts: How do I believe it’s going to happen.

Podcast episode 040622

Published on April 6th, 2022


Q1 - Brodie from Alabama gets us started today with his question “… with everything going on right now, should we be prepping like crazy?”

Q2 - Tim from Iowa is up next with his query “Do you think a nuclear war is in the near future?”

Q3 - Susan from Washington is up “Was the pandemic a test run for world-wide domination?”

Q4 - Brian from Rhode Island offers us a different perspective with his question “Are we living in the end-of-days?”

Q5 - Nancy from Wyoming finishes out the set with her question “… thinking about transitioning from a stores based prep, to growing. Is this a good idea amidst the turmoil of today?”

Great questions to all those who sent them in. If I didn’t get to your question, sorry about that, but don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll touch on this topic again as its really relevant to a requirement for survival.

Alrighty then, we’re back for another exciting adventure here on the Chaotic Navigator podcast. I am the Alaska Outlaw and today I would like to express my opinion as to a potential exercise in the dismantling of this experiment we call the United States. Explaining the tenuous position our country finds itself in these modern times.

A quiet night some day in the future, we are settling down after a crazy day of enjoying the slopes with good friends. The car is unloaded, and gear laid out to dry in the garage. The kids, who are exhausted from a long day of skiing have been tucked in bed after being carried there, woken temporarily to get them into jammies. We settle on the couch with our significant other to catch the evening news before heading off to bed ourselves. All of a sudden the house jolts and shakes, and the power goes out. Milliseconds later another jolt to the home, rattling plates and dishes in their cupboards in the dark. Immediately we reach into our pants pocket and grab the trusty cell phone to figure out what’s happening, and find the cell phone is turned off and the back plate on the phone has heated to an extreme temperature, potentially bulging, or melting. The phone won’t turn on. Your significant other tries theirs, same effect. This what a E1 EMP might feel like.

Before we get after it today, I’d like to make sure that, for those of you who need peace and harmony, or help in making sense of life, be sure to check out the Alaskan Ulfhednar podcast at https://akulfhednar.com. After 30 years of spiritual searching and discovery, he has arrived home. Check out his theories of finding peace and harmony, with a true understanding of co-existence and universal love. Some great stuff for you there. 

Each week we look at a different facet of what being prepared looks like in the real world of everyday. It is absolutely awesome to be back with you guys here for another adventure of discovery and obtaining the super power of common sense. Today I want to put a new lens on the old eyeballs and look at the topics with a different perspective.

Today, we’re going to break down the phases that could conceptually upend the world powers, shifting the balance against the freedom everybody currently enjoys.

Segment 1 - Immediate effects in todays society

Segment 2 - Potential catalysts to tip the scales

Segment 3 - Possibilities we should seriously consider implementing in our lives.

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