Outlaw Thoughts – How far has America fallen?

Podcast Episode 070820

Greetings and welcome to today’s show. I am the Alaskan Outlaw and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your celebration of Independence Day here in the United States. If you are like me, you are probably wondering if these are the “end times” and ask yourself if this will be the last of the “American” holidays we get to celebrate. Each day we watch the news and feel that the country is unraveling, the international hate of the “American way of life” has reached our soil. I’m a fairly accepting guy and have learned to “roll with the punches” when it comes to society’s rules, however, there are some things that just need to be said. Sometimes these things need to be repeated time and time again for each generation because obviously we have a tendency (as a community) to forget. I’d like to take a minute and discuss some of the topics that have slid across my inbox and hope that you feel the same. Let me be the first to say, these are not the last of our holidays. America is strong, and we will survive.

Black Lives Matter. White Lives Matter, Blue lives matter, All lives matter!! If one has to use ANY color in front of the “lives matter” part, you are a part of the problem, and by my definition, a racist. The reality is that all lives matter. It shouldn’t matter what color skin you have, who you sleep with, or what you identify as, you matter. That’s reality. However, in much the same way people feel “outcast”, they immediately outcast others as having some other belief that they may, or may not have.  No one currently living in the United States owes anything as reparation for slavery, every person in the United States of America has the same chance of success. It comes down to this “victimhood” mentality, I’m sorry but I know just as many successful black, as I do Asians, as I do Jewish, as I do Caucasians. Therefore, stating that a “deck is stacked against you” because of racial injustice is victim thinking. While yes, some people here in the US have had success come a little easier, or maybe even a little earlier in their lifetimes. That does not mean that you’re a victim of racial injustice. Now, don’t get me wrong, I realize that there are some ignorant people in this country who think one race is better than another, and I’m here to say, that it’s not true. I see racial injustice being broadcast over the nightly news like it’s everywhere. It’s not. It doesn’t exist in my home, or at my work.

Gun Control is using both hands to steady the weapon. All that aside, this whole battle about gun control is insane. Punishing the masses because of the stupidity of a few is a futile effort that will do nothing to heal the wounds of America. I am proud that my state has chosen to take the sensible route when it comes to the national debate of gun control. Yes, there need to be better background investigations done on individuals purchasing guns, however, over 80% of all gun crimes committed in the United States are committed by individuals who obtained firearms illegally. Let me say that again slowly for all you liberals who accidentally downloaded my show. 80% of crimes committed with firearms, the guns were obtained by the bad guys from other bad guys. A good percentage of the remainder were committed by idiots who “borrowed” a firearm (either from Mommy & Daddy, or some other person (knowing or not)). So, by beating this “control” thing down, you are simply going after the wrong people. The problem with gun violence is that the court system is overloaded with hordes of stupid people doing stupid shit. With the court system overloaded, crimes are not being prosecuted hard enough, and we can’t discount the flaming idiot attorneys who keep saying “we shouldn’t punish my client”. With criminals getting off easy or never seeing a day in court, there are no repercussions for gun violence. Thereby, we (as a society) have encouraged the criminal enterprises to elevate to the next level. In our eagerness to be “soft” on criminals, we (again, as a society) have built the criminal mindset of today. Excuses like “he’s too young”, or “he was corrupted by video games”, we have fostered the willingness for people to kill others. Stop blaming it on guns, start fixing this by holding people accountable for their actions.

Immigration vs breaking in vs refugees. So, this is another hot spot that seems to come up first in line during the election cycles here in the United States. So let’s take a minute to talk about immigration. What is immigration? Immigration is not the caravan that moved through Mexico to the US border in hopes of seeking refuge here in the states. If these individuals were to file an application and wait their turn, then all would be well. However, they have attempted to thwart the system by piling up on the border, depending on our generosity, then, blame us when they are forced to wait while the process completes. They are attempting to circumvent the process of having background investigations completed, then demanding that they are given “cuts in line” to get their citizenship whereas other Americans have waiting years for the opportunity. While I have the same level of compassion for the situation they find themselves in as the next guy, I don’t think that they deserve any preferential treatment in the processing of their application. Now, the order of business here is not those seeking refugee status, it’s those who choose to enter the United States illegally and demand to have the same rights of American citizens. These “undocumented immigrants” flock to this country seeking employment that avoids paying taxes for the services they require. Welfare issues hundreds of thousands of dollars per month to these undocumented aliens. This means that those individuals have cut in line in front of all those seeking refuge here. Those are the people whom ICE was designated to remove from the country. These are the illegal aliens that are crushing our economy, not those who legally enter the states via the immigration process, or come here for protection against violent drug lords of the Central American region. While I get the whole immigration/refugee issue, the issue we are all really facing is the undocumented entry. This situation causes resources that could be used to help protect those seeking refuge, to be redirected in apprehending those undocumented aliens. This in turn causes longer waits for both immigrants and refugees as the resources necessary are now being stretched too thin. It’s what happens when you don’t have enough people.

Politicians and democracy as a whole. In case you have noticed, most politicians are sleazy and worthless. Not all, just most. Don’t think for a minute that I’m riding the “Trump train”, or for Biden, or Jorgeson… None of them really have the guts to do what necessary. Although giving some credit, President Trump has tried. Before the pandemic he was a front-runner for me, doing what he said he would do for the economy and the stabilization for the country. Now, I have to admit that his foreign policy has been a disaster, and the whole immigration/refugee fiasco has not gained him any points. However, I thought he really lost it when his mishandling of the pandemic showed his lack of leadership that the country really needed. He has further fueled the division in our country by attempting to strong-arm the protestors with the threat of military retaliation. So, is he the right guy for the job he’s currently tasked with, I’m not sure. What I do know is that the Democratic Party has done absolutely nothing to assist him. To that point, most of the conservative Democrats have had decades to make changes, and they have not. Instead, they push the blame to the current administration who has only been in office for less than four years. However, my problem with politicians is that we have no idea who they are in bed with, so it’s really hard to guess they’re position on different issues. Because it is a very rare breed of politicians who are interested in what their constituents want or need. They seem to be more interested in getting some for them. What needs to be done is what is called “level-set”. We need to level-set this country. There are tons of great ideas for how it can be done, however, we need to get off the sidelines and into the game.

Schools. Where are our schools? They have gone from being ranked pretty high in the world, to one of the lowest. How? We stripped away the funding and micromanaged it into the ground. Teachers are being told what they need to teach between different hours of the day, and there is no flexibility. Why? Because some brainchild came up with the slogan “no child left behind”. They came up with this idiotic plan based on one person’s idea to ensure we integrated all students together hoping that the higher-achieving students would bring up the lower-achieving students. We would “main-stream” everyone, not caring how that damaged the system as a whole. So, stripping away wages for the actual interfacing teachers, and creating assistant everything, we arrived at the point where we are struggling to foster interest in becoming a teacher.

Acceptance vs. Tolerance of the LGBT community. This is another one of those instances where I’m not caring either way. I’m not about allowing someone (clearly a man), dressed as a woman, enter the public restroom with my wife, daughter, or granddaughter already in there. It’s not happening. Hope they can hold it because I am that guy who will be an ass about it. As far as the Lesbian-Gay-Bisexual-Transgender (LGBT) folks who want to live their lives differently than I do, I really don’t care. However, by attempting to force your beliefs on me, my family, this is where I feel that it crosses the line. I understand that you want “marriage” rights so you can have the same benefits that heterosexuals have in our marriages, I get that. But, because I don’t believe the same way you do, don’t label me as an enemy. Honestly, I don’t care. If you want to be married and carry the same rights as separate sex marriage does, have at it. What I think about your lifestyle is my business, and does not impact the way we interact. Referring back to the words of my personal hero, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who said “… a man is to be judged by the contact of his character…” Although he included the color of his skin, I apply it to all facets of society. I don’t care if you are black, white, tan, or male, female, or both. However, don’t force it to be an issue. Start living your lives together and stop trying to force your lifestyle on me and my family.

Much of this list boils down to hate and frustration of the few, of the many. While most of the American population just want to continue living the way that they have worked hard to build, some others attempt to “fast track” themselves into materialistic value by force. Many of this believe they “deserve” more, yet won’t put in the time necessary to achieve those things, so it’s easier to just take it. This has bred tension between those who “have it” and those who “do not”, this tension is really what drove the United States into electing and supporting an individual who reflected those views upon the world. I am seeing that many want to circumvent the political process due to the elongated wait times. This is what drove many to express their feelings as being “unheard”.

Lives matter, irrelevant of the color of that life, it matters. Irrelevant to the sex of that life, it matters. Irrelevant whether that life loves someone of the same sex or opposite sex, it matters. Irrelevant whether the life identifies itself as a male or female, or other, it matters. Life matters. All lives matter.

Talk about the golden rule… treat others the way you want to be treated. Immigration and refugee care are all about resources if you are bitching that it’s broken, help fix it by funding it. Fund the part that captures and prevents illegal aliens in this country. If there wasn’t an illegal aspect to immigration, legal immigration would be a seamless process that could occur fairly quickly thereby allowing these huddled masses to become Americans through a legal process. Without those additional resources, we will continue to struggle at our borders. We discussed the uselessness of politicians. However, a “Lion’s share” of the blame here is us. Yep, we need to step up to the plate. Worthless people like Nancy Pelosi will continue to remain in office until we step up and give her walking papers. Ultimately, we are in charge, but we must agree. It’s completely OK to be different, it’s not OK to force someone else to be different.

America rose to “real” power during the second world war. By defeating the Japanese in the Pacific theater, and assisting in the fight in Germany, America stood on the threshold of greatness by elevating its economic foothold in the global society. While individuals rose to power prior to the 1940s and 50s, our country stood together, proud and great. We were efficient. We were at the top of the game.

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