Conspiracy theories. Training for the worst.

Published on June 16th, 2021

Don the tin-foil hats, and hoist the black flag my friends as today we talk about many different conspiracies that many of you have asked for validation. To this end, I have broken them down into major categories.  

  • Government overreach
  • International implications
  • Pandemic
  • Constitutional overreach

Whenever discussing conspiracies, one must be cognizant of the kernel of belief that there is in the underlying principles. Notice I didn’t say kernel of truth, I said belief. I say this because there are some folks across the land who are convinced of the validity of these claims, therefore are hoarding resources to that end. However, for the rest of us, we should consider, if only briefly, the possibility of their concept coming to fruition. While we have no obligation to subscribe to their theories, we might want to consider the modification of our preps to ensure we could handle the fallout from their conspiracy coming to reality.

Greetings to all my friends (both new and old), to my wonderful family, my fellow Alaskans, and my fellow Americans, wherever you are. Welcome to the Alaska Outlaw podcast, I am the Alaska Outlaw, thank you so much for joining me this week. This week I hope to introduce you to a topic to consider. The distant possibility that some of the conspiracies come to fruition and we will need to deal with the outcome or fallout from them. While many of the modern conspiracy theories focus on the extremes, what if a partial, or a side-effect of them not happening takes us off guard. But, before we get after it today, I’d like to make sure that, for those of you who seek peace and harmony, or lessons in coexistence, be sure to check out the Alaska Outlaw Forn-sidr podcast at After 30 years of spiritual searching and discovery, I have arrived home. Home to the ideology of my ancestors. I am a proud Germanic-Dane. Some good stuff for you there. Also, another second just to give a shout-out for our sponsors and affiliates:

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Let’s talk about some of the conspiracies that are floating around the internet. Many have contacted me and inquired about many of the different conspiracies, specifically asking me to validate the possibility. With that said, here’s a very short list of some of the topics that have landed in our inbox.

Robert from Indiana asked about the COVID vaccine, asking “could the vaccine be mind control substances?”

Tawnya from New Mexico asked “is the US government really spying on our citizens?”

Jim from Iowa asks “we all know the COVID thing was a conspiracy to dupe the American people, what do you think finally made them give up and shift their gears making it go away?”

Laura from California asked the aged old question, “what do you think the possibility of all life on earth being wiped out by a meteor strike is?”

Bonnie from South Dakota asks “what about the poison that is put into our food that causes the increased rate of cancer?”

Although this is a very small sampling of the questions that we get everyday, it accompanies thousands of emails demanding that I recognize and validate some pretty outlandish possibilities. Now, let me say up front, that I don’t discount anything, as we really don’t have any idea what the future holds for the earth, or the United States in general. So, while I’ll cover the basic principles involved in conspiracies, and doomsday theories, humankind has no idea what Ragnorak or Armageddon will look like, or when it will happen.

First things first, all the theories that imply that the US government is doing anything, is mostly fabricated. Let’s be honest here, the US government can’t agree with itself most of the time, so the idea of them coordinating with an outside interest, is fairly impossible. Again, the government is all about retaining its power base, therefore it’s fairly safe to assume that anything that would involve them giving up some is pretty impractical. With those out of the way, let’s look at the four major themes from the doomsday/conspiracies we’ve been told.

Government overreach was the first major theme, and involved everything from the brain control, to spying, to working with the enemies of the country to get some shady things done. While yes, there is a rise in social monitoring happening throughout the country, this was an expected outcome of many “highly publicized sleeper agents” working against the country’s interests. Whether terroristic, or anarchist based, the fact the fact that some Americans have exercised their freedom to make bad choices. So, when considering what the government does, or does not do, one has to keep in mind, that as Americans, we have undeniable rights, and those rights trump whatever the government may want to do. This is critical to remember. Obviously another thought to consider is not publicizing ideas of governmental overthrow, or terroristic threats in general. In my everyday life, I am completely unfazed by the possibility of being watched when out in public. I don’t do illegal stuff, I don’t threaten the government, and I don’t consort with those that would. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, there are always possibilities that could have international implications. We are all real comfortable with not being along in the universe, or even our own galaxy. While we are all still waiting on a sign of “life”, the idea that are billions of big rocks floating around out there is an absolute. To date, we’ve been struck with several hundreds throughout the eons, and while there are some substantial cases where it was catastrophic, many were uneventful. This doesn’t even broach the subject of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). Sure, that one is not off the table for sure. Rogue nations could get their dander up, and before we know it, we have miles of glass covered deserts throughout the world, and a fallout rain that lasts for millennia. What’s the chances? Slim to none. More likely is some suicide bomber detonating one to call a focus on his/her purpose, whatever that was. As a rule of thumb, there really is only so much you can be prepared for before even the most hardy stock can be tamped down.

I think I can speak for all of us when I say I’m done hearing about this damn Pandemic. From those who think it’s a hoax, to those who fear the vaccine, or think it’s fake, the pandemic has become a single hot spot for many different conspiracies. However, it is as real as it gets, leading hundreds of thousands to their untimely demise. The fact that there are people out there jeering those vaccinated as “guinea pigs” absolutely floors me. The concept of not getting sick and testing the immune system being as foreign to them as surviving the next apocalypse is to some.

Finally, we get to the whole collection of Constitutional overreach theories. Many people contacted me during the early days of the pandemic asking about the constitutional legality with being forced to wear masks, or endure lockdowns. I’m here to tell you that the courts have always ruled in favor of serving the public good, over freedoms. That’s not to say that masks are fun, or even fully necessary, however the idea of slowing the spread was a necessary track to get it under control, and unfortunately some people have to be forced to think of someone other than themselves. Therefore the criticality of the measures forced primarily on those individuals who wouldn’t comply otherwise.

The idea behind busting many of the doomsday and conspiracy thinking is to just do some reading. Don’t just read one, or similar perspectives, but read both sides, listen carefully to both sides of the debate. Then, and only then, can you really have the ability to make a sound decision. It is this type of discussion that can then lead you to a better understanding. Not only of the individual theories, but their potential fallout, or partial realization ramifications. That becomes something that you could put in your list of possible scenarios that will test your preparedness.

How does one go about preparing for a conspiracy, or doomsday, theory. Well, most of these theories that float around on the internet won’t add up to a whole lot of nothing, so there’s nothing really prepared for. I mean honestly, who cares if there was a second shooter on the hill that killed a President. He wasn’t caught, done. Government spying, or mind control drugs included in the vaccine, not sure how to be prepared for those either. Maybe I wouldn’t throw away those tin-foil hats just yet? Maybe locking ourselves in our homes is understandable, however impractical. 

However, for the doomsday theories, it’s much easier.

As always my friends, I am humbled that you have taken the time to spend with us. I hope I have given you some food for thought that you consider alternatives to relying on the US power grid, in your overall survival plan. Remember, be safe out there, keep your head on a swivel…. Peace.

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