Thinking Tactically: Interview with Mark Booher

Podcast Episode 022322

Thinking Tactically: Interview with Mark Booher of Barritus Defense

Released on: February 23rd, 2022

In this episode I spoke with a GREAT new friend, Mr. Mark Booher, following up with what I’ve been saying about thinking tactically when you are out in public. When you first make this paradigm shift in your brain, it might take a little getting used to it, however, it will become second nature. Going back to the show where we discussed the zones in traversing open ground, today, we’re going to do a deeper dive into these zones, and talk about how to think and act in a more tactical manner. To this point, I brought in someone who helps others achieve this level of understanding. Mr. Mark Booher owns his own training company here in the states, down there in Arkansas. As a former infantryman and intelligence agent for the US Army, he went on to become an attorney and Assistant District Attorney. Mark is very familiar with our subject today, as he has performed tactical training for units of the alphabet soup, like the DOD, DOJ, and other Fortune 500 companies around the world.

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