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The Show, now in its 3rd Season, steers clear of politics, by staying true to the idea that our neighbors and friends may need some additional thoughts about getting and staying prepared. Our show creates a dialog containing critical thinking about the methods, resources, skills, and mindset necessary to be prepared for natural or man-made disasters. Understanding our responsibility and roles within our response to the disaster, and our commitment to the recovery efforts afterward.

The Chaotic Navigator is a weekly podcast that brings an understanding of methods of survival through the many different types of natural disasters that happen every day throughout the world. We focus on presenting critical thoughts necessary for a plan to succeed, regardless of the threat.

Within the lists below, you may find some duplication. This is because that topic crosses between multiple categories here at the Chaotic Navigation, and it's that important.

Topics looking for Guests

The Chaotic Navigator is always looking for guests that are willing to share their knowledge with the community. We are always looking for individuals who may have the skills and experiences to speak to the following topics:

  • Home Inspection (particularly following a disaster event)
  • Growing Food sources
  • Health Insurance Specialist (prescription)
  • Solar power implementation
  • Potential of Civil war
  • Supply chain struggles
  • Just to name a few... But anything that can help folks get and stay safe.

The Chaotic Navigator podcast is all about helping our neighbors and friends get, and stay safe during natural and man-made disasters. If you think you have what it takes to educate the community, please let us know.

Want to be a guest? Use our scheduling tool at https://calendly.com/akoutlaw/akoutlaw-interview-30-minute to book some time with our host.

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