Our Host

Mark Weisman

Mark in the earlier days
Mark, in his earlier life as a security agent.

Mark is a formerly active-duty US Marine who has spent a lifetime committed to assisting others within his community. Starting at a young age, he studied emergency medicine and firefighting techniques to be associated with the south Tucson fire department. Then, after his tour in the US Marine Corps he became a high-value security agent for many different agencies both: US based, and abroad. During his time as a high-value security agent, he became fluent in emergency management and mitigation having to manage many different scenarios throughout the world.

Since those early days of public service, Mark has continued to expand upon his knowledge and experiences. Mark has over 30+ years of experience in working with emergency services and disaster recovery agencies.

  • Formerly certified Emergency Manager for Tucson, Arizona
  • Formerly certified K-9 handler
  • Formerly certified Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Certified Firefighter for many different situations (shipboard, wildfire, commercial structural, Oil refineries, others)
  • Certified Open Water Diver and rescue diver
  • Certified firearms instructor
  • Formerly certified security agent for different situations (personal, commercial, maritime, high-value)
  • Fast-water boat operator
  • Formerly certified security systems analyst (Badge operations, location security, etc.)

...to list just a few.

How can we help?

You can contact Mark directly at mark@akoutlaw.com for more information, and/or questions.