Our Esteemed Guests

Many of our esteemed guests have published works that they spoke from or about. With parallel missions of passing on information, most of these published works produce the foundation of truth. Each book, and webpage is worth taking a look at and read through as they bring a wealth of "real" information that you can use.

Audrey Grey

Brought an understanding of the work within the Office of Emergency Management at a municipal level. Audrey has recently arrived here in Alaska, bringing a wealth of real-world understanding of being prepared for natural and man-made disasters. Her show airing on 21 September 2022 brings a better understanding of interacting with the local OEM.


More information about the Anchorage OEM

Jessi Beyer

Brought a message of mental understanding that we are still enjoying. Jessi explained the physical and chemical interactions that happen within the body and mind following a large-scale trauma for an individual. The biggest take-a-way was that regardless where one may find themselves following after a traumatic event, evaluating our responses, we are well within normal. Her show airing on 14 December 2022 helped us to understand our mental response to trauma.

Check out her website at:


John H. Davis

Helped us to grasp the contributions that military veterans can make in helping us to establish a "command and control" within a disaster. Bringing a wealth of high-stress management techniques makes our veterans the perfect beacons within the storms of our lives. His show airing on 11 January 2023 will definitely be worth it.

Check out his website: