Our "Fab Five" is a moniker that our host, Mark Weisman came up with during his time as a high-value security agent. In this role, Mark needed to be able to be sure that not only were security protocols handled at every level, but basic survival skills were necessary to understand. Working from the "rule of three" he developed what we call our FAB FIVE.

  1. Breathing. At 19.5% oxygen, the human body (and brain) begins to suffer adverse effects within three (3) minutes. Therefore this is the number one item on the list of "must haves" for successful survival. In a disaster preparedness situation, we must estimate our oxygen needs both: immediately, and in the future, and if we determine there may be an issue, we need to resolve the issue first and foremost.
  2. Temperature control (Shelter). With only a drop of four (4) degrees in our core body temperature, we can begin to experience hypothermia, which can lead to much more serious issues, including death. On the other side, the maximum rise in temperature is ten (10) degrees Fahrenheit. At 108.14 degrees, the body (and brain) shut down. Maintaining our body temperatures is critical, as we have about three (3) hours to get back within our boundaries.
  3. Water. The human body must have water within three (3) days. Whether cold or hot, the need for drinkable water is a fundamental key to successful survival. Knowing how to treat water, or what water to leave alone, is critical to our desire to survive.
  4. Food. The human body must have some sustenance within three (3) weeks or will shut down completely. There are many different chemicals within the body that require the calories of this food to continue, as well as many normal bodily functions, hence this is a critical factor to survival.
  5. Protection. The final category here was added by our host, as he felt it is a basic tenement to ensuring the other four on this list. By keeping our bodies safe and healthy, we can ensure that we can obtain the other necessary items within this list.