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Based in South-central Alaska, the Outlaws are scattered all around the world. Most still serve in active roles in the emergency management field. We are always on the hunt for new "want-to-be" outlaws who are interested in providing some information to help their communities become more resilient against the wrath of mother nature. If you're brave enough, and want to help, by all means use the link below to apply to join us.

Introducing Our Outlaws

Alaska Outlaw, On-Air talent, and partial researcher. In addition to being "the voice" of the Chaotic Navigator, the Outlaw has spent about 30 years in the emergency management and disaster response field. Serving as high-value security protection, as well as a nationally certified emergency medical technician (EMT). With decades of experience witnessing the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters, he seeds the ideas of required knowledge into our listener's minds that will help them avoid being another statistic during a disaster.

Gavin Tulane, Producer, and partial researcher. In addition to producing and researching the topics discussed throughout the show, Gavin served as a federal law enforcement officer for 25 years, reaching what he describes as his peak at the United States Marshal's office. Gavin makes sure the shows are accurate and correct prior to air time.

Taylor Steen, Legal representation, and partial researcher. Taylor has spent the last 15 years representing clients either as a defense attorney before switching sides to become a federal prosecutor. She has over a decade of experience defending the US Constitution, and the people's rights to free speech. Today Taylor ensures that the productions that the team brings forward follow the letter of the law with regards to free speech.

Mika Yi, Communications manager, and partial researcher. Mika has a mass range of skills in communications, whether within the office environment using email and other chat software, or in the field, using radios and other technologies. Mika manages all the communications among the team members, research teams, as well as guests and listeners. The go-to for all things related to communications within the Chaotic Navigator.

Dr. Mark Weisman D.D., Psychological doctor, and mental health expert. Dr. Mark is a Celtic-Norse Shaman who has spent over 30 years working with returning veterans and severe PTSD sufferers. He offers his wisdom and knowledge about the psychological mindset that we need to have to ensure our successful survival during these disaster events. Dr. Mark hosts his own show (Alaska Úlfhé∂nar) about his spiritual teachings and can be reached at

Mindy Minnekee, Office manager and scheduler. Mindy really is the Chaotic Navigator as she balances the schedules of the remainder of the team while ensuring effective collaboration amongst the research team members (below). She also spends her time raising two wonderful children teaching them the ways of the Chaotic Navigator ensuring their safety. She and her husband Tom call southern Arizona home.

(** Founding Member)


Jackson Travelone - Former US Navy special forces survival expert.

Cecillia Trouvour - Former US Army special forces survival expert.

Jeff Trough - Our construction contractor and structural expert.

Dr. Beau Lovure - Disease and infectious disease expert.

Denise Daniels - Californian Emergency Management specialist.

Trudy Johnson - Former Ambassador Aide and Foreign policy and cultural expert.

Dr. Tracy Coulson M.D. - Emergency Medical doctor, and health expert.

Dr. Darryl Montehein - Military historian and weapons specialist.


Tony Levado
Grace Wilson
Michael Rogers
Lucy Bowers
Lucy Reeves
Sharon Grogan
Steve Tussler
Grace Lowstermen
Jim Davies
Brenda Miller
Mylo Towers
Edward Mackle


Outlaws used to be those individuals who were "outside" the law or didn't recognize the authority, however, throughout the last century that definition has morphed into something very different. Today, particularly in our case, realistically, the outlaws are those willing to go into the heat of conflict in hopes of creating peace and safety for others. That's really what drove the founders of this show, originally "The Alaska Outlaw podcast", to create this platform ultimately becoming the "Chaotic Navigator" where we educate the general population in methods and tips to remain safe and secure in these modern-day times of uncertainty.

Now in its third season, Chaotic Navigator offers insight beyond the "SURVIVAL" marketing and advertising campaigns to provide real everyday, real-world, tips, and tricks to help us make informed decisions about keeping ourselves and our families safe and secure. Our panel of experts "circle the wagons" and look at each episode to determine what, if any of their expertise would help make each show better for our audience.